Welcome TOPSoccer Athletes,
Families & Volunteer Coaches

We are excited to welcome you to the first TOPSoccer Jamboree taking place on Sun., May 23, beginning at 10 a.m. at the Shawsheen Field Complex in Wilmington.


The TOPSoccer Jamboree is hosted by Wilmington Youth Soccer Association. For questions or urgent requests, please feel free to contact Caryn Goulet at tops@wilmingtonyouthsoccer.org or via cell phone at (617) 501-3959.


  • Soccer Ball (for athletes, only…we have some extras if you forget or do not have one)
  • Water Bottle (we sell drinks in our concession stand if you forget)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Camera


All TOPSoccer Athletes and volunteers are asked to sign-in upon arrival. Upon check-in, all TOPSoccer Athletes and Volunteer Coaches will receive an event t-shirt, a name badge and a concession ticket (which may be redeemed at our Concession Stand). In addition, TOPSoccer Athletes who do not have a soccer ball will receive one to use for the day.

TOPSoccer Athletes will be matched up with at least one coach for the entire event. Coaches will be responsible for guiding their Athlete from station to station without leaving them at any time. Coaches will accompany Athletes to their parents as needed for water breaks, concession breaks and restroom breaks, as well as work with an Athlete's parents for any other special needs. Parents and family members are invited to follow their Athlete along throughout the event day to enjoy the experience, take pictures and/or help out as necessary. Ideally, we'd like to give parents and families a chance to relax and have fun!

VOLUNTEER COACHES: Those who can arrive early for set-up are asked to do so anytime after 8:30 a.m. At the latest, coaches are asked to arrive and check-in by 9:45 a.m. Upon arrival, please sign-in to be assigned an area to help set-up. Further instructions will be provided to you at that time.

EVENT FORMATS: TOPSoccer Athletes will have the choice of participating in any or all of the following event options at their leisure. TOPSoccer Athletes can participate in any or all ... but will be guaranteed to be successful and win prizes wherever they go!

  • Small-Sided Tournament: Teams (players assigned to a team upon check-in)
    • Tournament games will begin when there are enough players
    • 4v4 format using small, four-foot nets
    • Substitutions on the fly
    • All dead balls restart with dribble-in or kick-in
    • TOPSoccer Coaches monitor games (no referees)
    • No scores kept, no standings, no playoff's
    • Prizes awarded to all participating TOPS athletes
  • Skills Arena: Open to all TOPSoccer athletes
    • PK Shootout (on designated keepers)
    • Target Shootout
    • Longest Throw-in
    • Dribbling Obstacle Course Relay
    • Prizes awarded to all participating TOPS athletes
  • Free Play: One-on-One Play for all TOPSoccer athletes
    • TOPSoccer Coach assigned to each player
    • Warm-up and stretching station
    • Free area for dribbling, shooting, passing and/or fun games

If you know of anyone who would enjoy participating in a TOPSoccer program, but are unsure where to find them, please contact Ray Robinson, Outreach Programs for Massachusetts Youth Soccer: masstopoccer@comcast.net