Mass Youth Soccer Continues to Improve Services to Our Members

By Don Rawson, Mass Youth Soccer Executive Director

The Massachusetts Youth Soccer state office understands that our work must provide for the entire membership — ALL the leagues, towns, clubs, coaches, players, administrators, referees and parents.

As Executive Director, I am determined to work very closely with the new Massachusetts Youth Soccer President Ted Ritchie, the entire Board of Directors, program managers and all committees to provide the leadership, experience and vision expected by the Massachusetts Youth Soccer membership. I am excited to let you know of a few recent changes which have taken place ensure Mass Youth Soccer is continuing to provide outstanding programs, services and events.

State Office Personnel

The state office is now undergoing a phased restructuring which will provide more focus in areas that need significant attention.

Mike Singleton is promoted from Director of Coaching to Associate Executive Director. In Mike’s new responsibilities, he has agreed to take on the significant challenges of Marketing and Communications. Mike is now the point person in all matters related to the planning, budgets and execution of all sponsorships, grants, interns, the web site, e-news and public relations. Mike will also be overseeing the Coaching and Player Development area. Mike will report to the Executive Director.

Tom Goodman is promoted from Director of Training and Evaluation to Technical Director (filling Mike’s previous role as Director of Coaching). In this staff role, Tom will work more closely with Howie Blatt, Instructional Program Manager. Tom now assumes all direct responsibility for the planning, budgeting and execution of all programs and services in the Coaching Education, Camps, GOALS program and clinics. Tom will also work very closely with Jared Scarpaci, the Program Manager for the Olympic Development Program. Tom will report to Mike Singleton.

Tara Petricca has been promoted from Program Administrator to Coach Education and ODP Manager. In this new role, Tara will continue to oversee the administration of the Instructional Programs. She will assume the added responsibility for the day- to- day communications and office management of the Olympic Development Program in support of Program Manager Jared Scarpaci. Tara will report to Tom Goodman.

Rich Braney is changing titles from Office Manager to Business Manager. Rich will be more focused on the day-to-day functions related to Human Resources and all Bookkeeping. The bookkeeping role includes managing deposits, reconciliations, A/R and A/P, annual audit, budgeting and financial reports for the Executive Director, Board of Directors and all departments. Rich will report to the Executive Director.

Kate Murphy has been promoted to Manager of Member Services. In this role Kate will oversee player and adult registration, insurance claims, adult background checks, out of state permission and international clearances. Kate will report to the Executive Director.

Rachel Woo will be focused on player and adult registration, as well as completing all CORI and national criminal background checks. In addition, Rachel will assist in completing requests for out of state travel, out-of-state permission to play and international clearances. Rachel will report to Kate Murphy.

Dick Threadgould has been promoted from all-around handy man to Facilities Manager. In his new role, Dick will oversee the Citizens Bank Field at Progin Park as well as the State Office building and grounds. Dick will report to the Executive Director.

An Assistant Facility Manager will be hired in 2010 to assist Dick in the management of the facility. In particular, an assistant will allow (at some point) Mass Youth Soccer to bring those day-to-day facility needs in-house (such as mowing grass, painting lines and more.

A Receptionist/Administrative Assistant will also be hired to assist in answering the telephones, answering membership inquiries and assisting staff as needed with projects, mailings, meetings and events.

Part- time employees Nicole Dessingue (Communications Manager) and Karen Hamilton (Administrative Assistant) will be completing current projects. The duties of the positions will be assumed by other full-time employees, and these positions will no longer be a part of the state office structure. I appreciate the years of service and contributions made by both Nicole and Karen, and Mass Youth Soccer wishes them well in the future.

The office staff and I appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and we look forward to meeting and exceeding the expectations that you have for YOUR organization!