Kwik Goal Safety Checklist

1. Are anchors in place and secured properly to the goal and ground surface? YES | NO

2. If anchor bags are being used, are they in good condition? YES | NO

3. Are anchor bags adequately filled with aggregate? YES | NO

4. Are anchor bags placed over the base of the goal frames at the back corners? YES | NO

5. Is all connecting hardware, such as nuts and bolts, in place and secure? YES | NO

6. Has the structural integrity of the goal been compromised? YES | NO

7. Are welds cracked? YES | NO

8. Are corner joints secure? YES | NO

9. Is the goal on a level surface? YES | NO

10. Are the goal nets attached properly to the goal frame? YES | NO

11. Do sharp edges exist in any part of the goal and net attachment system? YES | NO

12. Do the nets have large holes or tears?  YES | NO